GameBrowser =]


Start the game with your own scripts!

You may define own start scripts for games and servers!
This way you can start other tools together with the game.

Quick server info

Any server you have added to you list shows its reachability, the ping and the current map!

Search for players

You're wondering if one of your friends is online? Search for him!
You may let it search in all games or just in a specific one.

See who is a bot

In the player list you can see who is a bot and who isn't. By default bots are highlighted red.

Multiple protocols

GameBrowser supports multiple protocols. And each protocol supports multiple games!
If a protocol is not supported and you have some experience in programming you can write it yourself!

Customize UI

You can change the colors for the main window and the playerlist to any color you want!
Look here how to do so.

Own colorsets

If you're playing a game that allows colorful names, but the colorcodes aren't supported by gamebrowser yet you can just add your own colorset.