GameBrowser =]


There are some games that support colors in playernames. They use colorcodes.

Let's say ^2 is green and ^4 is blue.
Then ^2Na^4me looks like Name.

This tool has files that contain sets of colorcodes.
So you may edit them/add new colorcodes and set them for the game you wish.

The file is structured pretty simple.
Just like this (without the quote marks):
"colorcode" "color"

^0 #000000
^1 #C10000
^2 #008B09
^3 #C1C400
^4 #001EA6
^5 #00A2BF
^6 #7F00B2

It is also possible to use the name of the color (exactly as in html).
NOTE: This does not apply to the background colors. They always have to be hex values.

^0 black
^1 red
^2 green
^3 orange
^4 blue
^5 grey
^6 pink
^7 turquoise

For better readability you may also define a background color for players, bots and a standard color!
The background can also be set to transparent, but I don't suggest that for for colorful games ;).
Instead of a colorcode use the following keywords:

standard #000000
background #D6D6D6
background transparent
botbackground #FF8282